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Because ONE OK ROCK haven't released a lot of singles, the number of music videos they have isn't very high compared to most Japanese artists. This section has a brief description of each and my thoughts, arranged from oldest to newest.


Their first PV is the first track, "もしも太陽がなくなったとしたら・・・" ("Moshimo Taiyou ga Nakunatta Toshitara...") off their first release, their self-titled mini-album. There's not much to say about the video; it's just a black-and-white recording of the band performing the song. I do like the way it's shot, and the fact that it's in black and white makes each band member much more striking.

Keep it real

In the same vein as the first, this is a PV of the first song off their second mini-album, Keep it real. Also like the first, this is primarily a video of the band performing the song, although this time they're in some unfinished building, along with random shots of the sky. I'm fond of the PV because "Keep it real" is one of my favorite songs, and it doesn't really need anything more than the band playing it to be enjoyable.


Another PV focusing on the band playing playing the song. You'll notice this is a theme in their PVs. (And, admittedly, most PVs.) This one is interspersed with shots of a young girl making very strange motions next to a very damanged car, along with shots of a older man doing the same and slightly creepy closeups on Taka singing. (He makes very weird expressions when singing.) I'd try and make sense of it, but I just have no idea what's going on.


This time, the band is in some sort of house where they can perform the song, as well as sit around for meaningful shots and complete rubix's cubes, with girls for scenery. I snark, but I do love this song and PV; I just have no explanation for it.


Finally, something a little different. The first part of the PV follows Taka's feet as he wakes up and walks around. He finally looks up to see people in suits with monstrous faces. He eventually decides that running might be a good idea and runs straight off into the sky, where he starts falling. The rest of the band shows up to play the song as they're falling. Miraculously, Taka lands unharmed and starts running off again, this time ending up falling through water to a place full of CGI creepy things where they can play the rest of the song. And then he goes back home and lies down. To think this is a breakup song... "エトセトラ" is one of my favorite OOR songs, so I can enjoy the PV for that and I do like that it's different, but a little bit of sanity would have been appreciated.


And back we go to straightforward PVs. This is the first track off their second album, BEAM OF LIGHT, and features them playing in front of lights that light up during the choruses and are low during most of the song, until the end and they're just against really bright white. I don't really have anything against the PV, but it doesn't have anything going for it, either.


This PV features all that one can expect from an OOR PV: the band playing the song, a couple of interspersed shots to make it somewhat unique, and Taka's downright bizarre expressions. The theme for this one seems to be the paranormal; it starts with an ouija board and has a couple of different shots of little girls dressed in white and black and obviously representing good and evil throughout. Personally, I feel like "恋ノアイボウ心ノクピド" works better as the opener to 感情エフェクト than it does as a PV. It's a great song, but it's short and powerful and that's about it. A song like "皆無" might have been a better choice to represent the album. That said, I love this PV's art direction and colors; it looks great.


Is this another PV focusing on the band performing? Yes. But what "完全感覚Dreamer" manages to do is make it visually interesting throughout. It starts out by showing the English lyrics alongside the band and cuts in shots of them throughout. Taka has even cut down on the creepy faces a little. It's a great reintroduction for the band, and easily one of the best OOR PVs.


I bet you can guess that this PV features. If you guessed the band, you win... well, nothing. However, "じぶんROCK" takes a unique approach and intersperses animated bits of characters that I can only assume are the band members going to a very shady doctor and getting shots of something labelled "true self." There's plenty of the band performing as well, but the animated parts make it much more interesting. It also helps that the song is beyond fantastic, but that's probably my bias talking...


This is a normal PV for OOR, but like "完全感覚Dreamer," it's more visually interesting than their older PVs. It also features a part in the middle where Taka starts floating slightly crazily around the middle of the stage, and the backdrop turns into flames at the end for no apparent reason. This PV doesn't live up to the other two from Niche シンドローム, but it's a far cry from their earlier work.

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