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I originally had no intention of making any sort of OOR fansite; there's already a great one in &tc., and anything I did along the same lines would feel like a cheap knock-off. But it occurred to me that I didn't have to do anything big and all-encompassing; I could do something small and personal. Plus, I was running a one-page shrine marathon at Amassment at the time — why not do OOR? A year after I opened the site, I decided to expand it into a multi-page site.

So why OOR? When I first found them, I blogged about them, but I had no idea I'd found one of my favorite bands. As I got more and more hooked on 感情エフェクト and how it really did affect my emotions (if I listened to it when I was down, I'd soon cheer back up), I found myself wanting to listen to the band more and more.

I can't really explain why I love their sound so much. Maybe it's just the fact that it's my favorite genre done very well, maybe it's Taka's voice. Whatever it is, I absolutely love them and can't imagine not having them to listen to. There's not a single song in their discography I dislike; in fact, I keep finding new favorites. And I can't wait to see what they do next!

Why "20 years old"? For one, it's a fantastic song, but it's also closely related to both the band and me. Most of the band members turned 20 in 2008 and had to start growing up and moving forward. As I turned 20 shortly after opening this site, I thought it fitting. (The more years pass, the more I regret this name.)

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&tc. for the images and track romanization, as well as all lyric translations I've found. If you're an OOR fan and haven't visited this great site, what are you waiting for? Images are from &tc., as well as my own caps. This layout, the second, is based around the image used in the background of the "じぶんROCK" PV, as well as the triangle from the Niche シンドローム cover. The background pattern was modified from a stock image, and the cassette brush used on the front page is by keepwaiting.

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If you'd like to link to 20 years old, feel free to use one of the link buttons below. (If you do, please contact me so I can return the favor!)

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