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ONE OK ROCK, so named because the band used to meet to practice at one o'clock, was formed in 2005 by Toru (guitar, vocals), Alex (guitar), and Ryota (bass). They recruited Taka, a former member of the band NEWS, as a vocalist, and though Tomoya played drums for them on the indies releases he didn't officially join until their major-label debut in 2007. Alex left the band in the spring of 2009 after a scandal, and his position was not replaced.

So how did I get into them? I happened to read a blog entry about what ten albums one blogger would take on a trip. Of those listed, I decided to try out Kanjou Effect. I hadn't even heard Taka's voice yet when I knew I was going to love them: "恋ノアイボウ心ノクピド" captivated me immediately, and the music didn't let me go until the final track. After that I knew I absolutely had to hear more of this band and see their PVs, and I was hooked in short order. It's been over a year now since I first came across them, and they've remained one of my absolute favorite bands.

How can I hear them?

If you'd like to check out their music, start with their official YouTube channel for their most recent activities. There's a playlist there with all of their music videos.

You can purchase their music at the following online retailers, all of which I've used and can recommend. (I personally stick with YesAsia for the free shipping.) You can also find their music on digital music stores like iTunes; I've linked to the US store below, but check and see if their music is in your country!

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